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Gulmohur High school was founded by a group of dedicated ladies of ALL INDIA WOMEN CONFERENCE (AIWC) in 1954. Initially, it was started as a Kindergarten School. It started in two small quarters with 10 students and two teachers only. The initial efforts of its founder members were towards giving a better start to the children of our society. It was the first English medium school in the locality (Telco) at that time. The school serves children from all strata of society. The school honours parents’ faith by ensuring continuous improvement in every field of activity. New techniques of learning and teaching are tried at every stage. The school believes in total participation and giving equal opportunity to all the children. The curriculum is designed to maintain a high state of academic excellence and to help each child reach his or her greatest potential in a stimulating and nurturing environment.  << Read More….>>

Mrs. Priti Sinha

The world of the classroom and learning has undergone both visible and invisible changes. There is an immediate need to prepare the current generation to equip them for the new age skills like problem solving, critical thinking, team building and digital skills. Today’s children will increasingly be required to think deeply about issues that impact life and society, solve problems creatively, work in teams, communicate effectively, learn the fast changing technology and deal with a flood of information, while doing jobs that are non-routine and constantly changing. Read More>>

Inside Gulmohur

Farewell to Mr. Niranjan Sarangi Sir

Farewell to Mr. Niranjan Sarangi Sir

We bid farewell to someone who is an example of benevolence. He gave what was most precious and his treasure

The Students Council for the session 2022 – 23

The Students Council for the session 2022 – 23

Gulmohur High School acknowledged the budding young leaders and reposed trust in them. The Students Council for the session 2022