"Stop not till the goal is reached"

To be an institution of academic excellence with
ethical values in safe and secure environment and develop leadership qualities.


To promote quality education and empower individuals to become Caring,
Competent and Responsible citizens who value education as life long process


Practice patience, and integrity
Embrace diverse learners
Encourage positive competitiveness and innovation

Gulmohur High school was founded by a group of dedicated ladies of ALL INDIA WOMEN CONFERENCE (AIWC) in 1954. Initially it was started as a Kindergarten School. It started in two small quarters with 10 students and two teachers only. The initial efforts of its founder members were towards giving a better start to the children of our society. It was the first English medium school in the locality (Telco) at that time.

  • In 1974, the school sent up its first batch of students for Matriculation Examination.
  • In 1976, the school was affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. 
  • In 1978, the students took the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination for the first time.
  • In 1981, the school celebrated its Silver Jubilee. 
  • In August 1985, the management of the school was handed over by AIWC (GCB) to a managing committee affiliated to Shiksha Prasar Kendra, Telco, Jamshedpur.
  • On 27th March, 1989, the school added the Plus Two course in Science.
  • In March 1993, the Humanities Section was introduced and the Commerce Section was added in March 1995.
  • In year 2004, the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee.
  • The school was selected from the eastern region along with other five schools to go in for partnership with schools in United Kingdom. The United Kingdom India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI) schools, strand aims to facilitate growth of cluster schools partnership so as to significantly increase the level of engagement between UK and Indian schools. Through UKIERI, the school shared its best practices with schools in Wales. There was an exchange of teachers of Indian and UK schools to learn the culture of both countries. 
  • Gulmohur High School is an English medium co-educational school. The school has classes from Nursery to class XII. Today the school has 2821 students on rolls.
  • The school was under the administration of the following Heads:
    MR. B.R. DASPRINCIPAL1976-1979


  • The school serves children from all strata of the society. The school honours parents’ faith by ensuring continuous improvement in every field of activity. New techniques of learning and teaching are tried at every stage. The school believes in total participation and giving equal opportunity to all the children. The curriculum is designed to maintain high state of academic excellence and to help each child reach his or her greatest potential in stimulating and nurturing environment.

  • The school has been a pioneer in introducing innovative teaching techniques like mind mapping, comic strips, constructivist classroom etc. The Tata Excellence in Education Programme (TEEP) has recognised the constant efforts by the school in adopting innovative methods in education. The school received the following awards from TEEP:

    • EQUIP (6 Thinking Hats) and Best Practices (Mind mapping) by TEEP in 2011.

    • In 2014, the school bagged 8 awards in all categories at the TEEP Award Function; award for EQUIP (Assembly programme), PANKH (Educating our support staff), PEARL (Global Exposure), Innoteaching (Six Thinking Hat, 7 Habits & History); a special award for Innoteaching.

    • In 2015 the school got the PANKH (Business Enterprise) and EQUIP (Comic Strips), Innoteaching (History) in the TEEP Award Ceremony.

    • In 2017, the school bagged the EQUIP Award for Executing Tasks – Public Speaking Made Easy.

    • In 2018, the school received the Best Practices award for Hear See Do Activity Book.

    • In 2019 it received the award for Error Analysis at the TEEP Awards function.

  • The school won the International School Award by British Council in March 2012.

  • The school produced its first state topper in the ICSE exams in the year 2019.



Gulmohur High School has been an institution which believes in inducting the evolutionary teaching methodologies while imparting education to its students. Over the years, the school has been a pioneer in introducing innovative teaching techniques like mind mapping, comic strip, constructivist classroom and so on. The Tata Excellence in Education Programme (TEEP) has recognised the constant efforts by the school in adopting innovative methods in education.

Constructivist Classroom

An outstanding method to involve students into becoming independent thinkers and incorporate technology while learning any topic. It won acclaim under a category called Inno-Teaching organised by TEEP. The effective method is now used all through the school to teach various topics in different subjects.

Integrated Projects
In 2018-19 the students were a part of two integrated projects wherein they got a common theme on which they prepared projects for different subjects to realise their applicability in real life situations under the guidance of their mentors.

Reinforcement Worksheets
The compiled Reinforcement Worksheets were a great way for the students to revise each topic and get clarity on the pattern of the question paper that they would answer during the examinations.

Enhancing the reading and writing skills of our students have been a constant effort by our faculty and many new techniques to achieve the same has been implemented. Some of them are – making comic strips to summarize the plot of a chapter, using SIPAQ for Primary and SIMPAAQ for upper primary – a method of incorporating similes, idioms, proverbs, metaphors etc. while writing a composition has helped the students to understand the usage of these as well as the compositions written by them are much better.

Mind Mapping
Our school is the pioneer  among educational institutions in Jamshedpur in introducing Mind Mapping as a tool to help students connect and summarize their understanding of a topic.

Wheels of Learning
This was an inspirational initiative taken by the students of the Young Leaders Programme to inculcate the habit of reading among the underprivileged children of five school under Shiksha Prasar Kendra in the vicinity.

Effective use of Snaphomework
Another wonderful,  paperless and environment-friendly addition towards bridging the gap between the school and the parents is the app called Snaphomework which is used by the school to give out important information to the parents, homework to the students, share updates about the school activities etc.

Organising the Summer Camp
The school is extremely proud of the democratic initiative taken by the students of High School of organising a Summer Camp for the students of the primary section. This is the second successful year of organising the camp and it is only getting bigger and better. The programme is planned and executed by the Young Leaders of GHS.

Error analysis
Realisation of an error is the first step towards reaching perfection. Keeping that in mind, the school has introduced the system of Error Analysis which is done by the teachers as well as the students. They assess their errors and make suitable action plans for each subject.

Hear-Do-See Activity Book
The Activity Book helps the students to analyse what they learn from a particular activity. It also includes pages where the students assess their understanding of a specific subject.

Quizzes conducted by the students
To make students independent and responsible, the responsibility of conducting quizzes on different subjects was entrusted to the students of class VIII and IX, they not only prepared the questions but also conducted the quizzes and awarded the winners. In the primary section, the students conduct quiz in the assembly classwise every Monday.

Live demonstration of Science Experiments
In a constant effort to provide clarity to the students regarding various experiments given in their textbooks, live demonstration of those experiments are conducted before the students for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Science( Primary classes).

Multi-faith prayer during assembly
The school tries to imbibe the virtue of equality among the students by dedicating the prayer each weekday during the morning assembly to a different religions (Monday – Hymns from the Bible, Tuesday – Buddhism, Wednesday – Bhagwad Gita Chanting, Thursday – Sikhism and Friday – Holy Quran )

Reflection time before dispersal
To prepare individuals who are thoughtful and gracious, every weekday before dispersal five minutes are spent in reflection. Students close their eyes, put their heads down and listen to some relaxing music.

Wall of Kindness
This was an attempt to evoke a sense of empathy among the students by asking them to give clothes, shoes or books that they did not use any more to the less fortunate.

School’s own Rock Band
It was a moment of elation for the entire school when our own students formed a band of their own and bagged the second prize at a competition organised by Tarapore School, Agrico. The youngest member was a student from class two who played the drums with amazing confidence.

Staging school plays like The Whistling Train and Mary Poppins
It is our privilege that our leaders and teachers have always been at the helm of things when it comes to taking creative challenges, as a result we have successfully staged two grand plays ‘The Whistling Train’ – an adaptation of Pather Panchali and more recently ‘Dear Mom and Dad’ an adaptation of Mary Poppins both directed and conceptualised by her .

Mobile Teaching Aids
A tangible resource method to assist students in their learning process of the junior classes by the students of Pre – Primary.

Publishing books like Braided Tales and Kalpana Ki Udaan
The school has published two wonderful books for children- Braided Tales where we collaborated with several schools from Jamshedpur and ‘Kalpana Ki Udaan’ where we collaborated with our partner school ‘Vidyasagar Ucchya Vidyalaya’.   

Story Map / Book Review
To improve the reading and comprehending skills of students, Story Map / Book Review booklets have been developed.

Study Plan
This booklet was introduced to make the parents aware of the 1st Term and 2nd Term portion of all the subjects well in advance. It is given to each student right at the beginning of the session. It also includes the various activities to be done in class related to relevant topics. Besides, it includes the Public Speaking syllabus, Spelling worksheets and colour coding as well.

Mothers Meet
In order to improve the  communication mechanism between students and parents, mothers meets are held in school thrice a year. The mothers are guided by the teachers so that they can help their wards at home leading to holistic development.

Comic Strips
Generally, students are reluctant to read the chapters at home. Comic strips are a unique way to make the students read and comprehend the lessons. This is done in English Literature and Hindi Literature. After the thorough reading of the chapter, the students draw the characters and frame dialogues. It is widely practised in the pre-primary and primary section of the school.

Theme Based Assembly Programmes
Assembly programmes have been extremely helpful to boost a child’s confidence. All the classes have to present some activities in the assembly in the week allotted to them. The teacher makes sure that each and every child gets a chance to participate in it. Assembly programmes include skit, recitation, story reading, extempore that enables a student to develop good communication skills.

6 Thinking Hats
This methodology greatly helps the students to think out of the box. Each student has a different perspective and he or she must have the freedom to express it. Six Thinking Hats is an effective way and that enables a student to think and express.

Public Speaking Classes
It was observed that students were shying away when they had to speak about something in English. They lacked confidence and vocabulary. To help the children speak eloquently, public speaking classes were started with a proper syllabus given for the entire year.

It is an enthralling and enriching inter-school event organised every year based on theme decoded by United Nations for classes 1 to 5. Students of various schools of Jamshedpur take part in the various activities and programmes with great zeal and enthusiasm. A unique platform to showcase the talent of students of our school & other schools. The event comprises a cultural programme, an exhibition as well as various interschool events on the same theme.

To make the students easily identify the various parts of speech in a chapter, specific colours have been given to each part of speech, e.g. red for noun, pink for verb and so on. Students are asked to underline the parts of speech with the particular colour while reading the lessons.

It is a  great opportunity for class XII students to showcase that talent and organize something for the junior students in a completely democratic way, not only in performing arts but  also develop innovative ways to explore their event management skills.

School Song

Onwards! Forever onwards!
Strengthen us when we fail
Virtue and knowledge our motto be
‘O’ Hail Gulmohur! hail to thee
We love to sing of Gulmohur School
Our noble alma matar
Among the rest, she is the best
And none can be ever greater!
The ties that bind us to our school days
No one can ever sever
And we will be true to Gulmohur School
Gulmohur, Gulmohur, forever!