Gulmohur Chronicles 14th Edition

My dear students,
Here we are in the magnificent month of April, the fourth month of the year. Do you know children, this month got its name from the Roman calendar, in which the fourth month April is spelled Aprilis, meaning “to open” which could be a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees, a common occurrence throughout the month of April in the Northern Hemisphere.

In this month, we have focused on World Health Day and World Earth Day collectively. It is rightly said, “Health is wealth”. No other materialistic possession in terms of wealth is as precious as Health. Because to live our lives happily we need to have good health. Along with health we must celebrate the sustainably of our earth. Our nature is our best friend, as it fulfils the majority of our mandatory needs.

Every year on April 22nd, World Earth Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the contemporary environmental movement in 1970, this day is honoured. Earth is the only planet in the universe where life is conceivable, hence it is critical to preserve this natural resource. World Earth Day is observed to raise awareness of the planet’s importance. “Health is wealth,” as we all know. Every year on April 7th, World Health Day is observed all around the world. The World Health Organization is in charge of several initiatives and
agreements. In 1950, it was the first time it was commemorated.

In place of celebrating the rejuvenation of mother earth, and promoting the keys to the maintenance on a particular day, rather we should strive hard to make each day Earth Day and Health Day by restoring the sustainability of our earth and prosperous health.
Earth Day and Health Day are all about sustainability. Where the Earth Day teaches and spreads awareness to restore the fertility of Mother Earth and on the other hand, Health Day teaches us that good health is the best thing to possess.

This month, Gulmohur High School organized an event- Let’s be earth buddies: An extension of the Save Soil Movement started by Isha foundation, on the occasion of Earth Day. It was a very successful event, and it saw participation of students from schools all around
Jamshedpur. The Chairman of our Managing Committee- Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha was our Chief Guest. The event taught us indeed, the preciousness of soil and our nature which is growing feeble day by day.

We at Gulmohur are always ought to see you all emerge better in each and every aspect of life.

I wish all of you good health, prosperity and a lot of happiness.

Au revoir!
Yours Lovingly,
Gulmohur High School