Gulmohur Chronicles 16th Edition

My dear children,
Here we are in the beautiful month of July. It is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This month was named by the Roman Senate in honour of Roman general Julius Caesar.

This month’s theme is based on “Positive affirmations” and “SDG goal 14 – Life below water”.

Positive affirmations are very much needed in our day to day lives for self-motivation and active assertiveness. They’re a way of helping overcome negative thoughts that can sometimes take over and make us doubt ourselves. Each one of us can fail and there’s nothing wrong in that cause failures always help us to know about our weaknesses and be a better version of ourselves. But to overcome the negative thoughts led by failures positive affirmations are needed. Hence to overcome negative thoughts it is very necessary to always be positive and also encourage others towards positive thinking so that we create a better stress-free environment.

Being a part of the earth as intellectual humans it is our duty to take care of the  environment and its every component. Every source of life on earth is equally important for the proper maintenance of the ecosystem. In the same way the marine life should also be protected. SDG goal 14 talks about this issue and initiates ocean conservation and building a social ocean economy.

In this edition a lot of interesting topics have been covered which no doubt is fascinating as well as a great source of knowledge. Make sure to read the newspaper till the end. We
assure you that you’ll definitely enjoy.

We at Gulmohur are always ought to see you all emerge better in each and every aspect of life.

I wish all of you good health, prosperity and a lot of happiness.

Au revoir!
Yours lovingly,
Gulmohur High School