Gulmohur Chronicles 17th Edition

There are flowers enough in the summertime,
More flowers than I can remember—
But none with the purple, gold, and red
That dye the flowers of September!
—Mary Howitt

My dear children,
Here we are in the beautiful month of September. September’s name comes from the Latin word septem, meaning “seven.” This month had originally been the seventh month of the
early Roman calendar.

This month’s theme is based on “Career planning” and the most important emotion that everyone needs in their lives “HAPPINESS”.

Happiness is a state of emotional well-being that a person experiences either in a narrow sense, when good things happen in a specific moment, or more broadly, as a positive evaluation of one’s life and accomplishments overall—that is, subjective well-being. Happiness comes from within an individual’s core by taming the negative thoughts and starting off each day with optimism. Human brain is the seat of all kinds of emotions like fear, grief, anger etc. but the one that is most powerful and is the key to healthy living is none other than happiness. A happy person is healthier and more successful. Being happy is what matters rather than running after materialistic progress which at the end leaves us with nothing but unwanted depression and stress. Thus, we should always be happy and create a happy environment for the people around us.

Career planning helps the individual to be aware of various career opportunities. A career plan lists short-term and long-term career goals and the actions you can take to achieve
them. Career plans can help us make decisions about what classes to take, and identify the extracurricular activities, research, and internships that will make us a strong job candidate. Life has become very fast hence, to cope up, this digital world needs more intellectual and creative minds. Therefore, career planning is essential for a better future.

This month was full of achievements and laurels. To list some, ASISC Regionals, Atya inauguration, Elocution and many more which have been presented in a panoramic view in this edition. We assure you that you’ll experience feelings of motivation, interest, happiness and enthusiasm till the very end.

We at Gulmohur are always ought to see you all emerge better in each and every aspect of life.

I wish all of you good health, prosperity and a lot of happiness.

Au revoir!
Yours lovingly,
Gulmohur High School