Gulmohur Chronicles 4th Edition


As we come to the end of the academic year 2020-21, I am reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” I am sure no one will ever forget the year 2020. While each one might have their own reason to remember this year, my Gulmohur Family should remember this year as a year of innovative breakthroughs, of relentless determination, of having the extraordinary skill to excel.

It all started in March ’20, when the world was grappling with fear and uncertainty, justifying our school song we went Onwards! Forever Onwards! We build an ecosystem for you, my dear children which helped you cope and bring out your best in this extremely trying year. Let us revisit some successes that made this academic year unique like none other:

  1. Gulmohur@Early Intervention – The school started online e-content delivery by 18th March 2020 even before the nation entered complete lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Online Content Development and Management – Usage of Google Forms for Online Surveys, Assessments and Google Drives for Assignment Uploading and Management.
  3. Online Classes – with a focus on experiential learning, critical thinking, using online tools to enhance the teaching learning process.
  4. Mindfulness Sessions for developing better concentration, immunity, developing attitude of gratitude, lowering stress and anxiety.
  5. Engrossing and Engaging Weekend Activities giving equal opportunities to all, developing compassion, empathy and leadership qualities in the students.
  6. Online Intra School Events giving equal opportunities to all, developing communication skills and leadership qualities of our students.
  7. E-Newspaper – “Gulmohur Chronicles” – An innovative, informative and insightful platform to connect to all stakeholders, showcase the talents of students, alumni, parents and teachers.
  8. Mandala Art Therapy for developing better concentration, lowering stress and anxiety.
  9. Online Study Corners – bright, colourful and attractive study corners made by the primary students and teachers using flashcards and posters.
  10. Community Service – Gulmohur Cares, Online SUPW & Secret Santa -activities to help the needy in the society, developing 21st century skills like compassion, empathy and teamwork.
  11. Online Saturday Activity Clubs – An innovative and unique initiative, where Student Mentors host webinars for their school mates.
  12. Online Webinars – Broadening Horizons (Learning Never Stops) conducted by the teachers for their teachers to enhance classroom teaching pedagogy.
  13. Flipped Classroom – Another innovative platform for students where revision was conducted by the students for their peers in the online class.
  14. E- Certificates – Rewarding and recognizing the efforts of students and teachers virtually.
  15. E-Gulotsav– online intraschool event for all the students organized by the Students Council.
  16. Official Facebook Page for sharing of events, recognition of students, accolades of school.
  17. Official YouTube Channel for sharing the videos created by Students and Teachers.
  18. GHS Online Planners – a dedicated team of professionals who worked silently in the background managing of all kinds of data, assignments, assessments, communication with stakeholders, support to students, parents and teachers, proving online trainings to staff to name a few so that the teaching – learning process continued besides all the challenges.

Even in this challenging year, our students made us proud by bringing laurels to the school at city as well as national level:

  1. Our students lead by Adhyayan Kumar won the first position in the National Hardware Hackathon organized by B.I.T. Sindri.
  2. Gulmohur High School won the Championship Trophy at Online Heritage Inter School Event.
  3. Our students bagged the second position in a Virtual Adventure Quest organized by TSAF in association TEEP.
  4. Vishal Verma, student of class XII Science authored a book titled ‘Dil Ki Dastaan’ – an anthology which was published on 4th Feb.2021.
  5. Angella Das of class VI wrote a poem called ‘Teacher O’ Teacher which was published in a book called ‘The Exceptional’ and is available on Amazon.
  6. Our school topper Jahnvi Singh secured 98.4 % in the ICSE Board Examination. She also secured the 5th position in the city.
  7. Our students from the primary section Vaibhav Anand, Gurtej Singh and Ryan Patra brought laurels to the school at “KIDZBLITZ” (A Kiddopedia on Corona) – a National Level competition organised by Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Gulmohur High School bagged the overall 1st runners up position in the event.

This tremendous feat wouldn’t have been possible without the cohesive efforts of all the stakeholders. I thank the managing committee for their constant support and guidance; I am grateful for the visionary competence shown by the school administration; nothing could have been achieved without the faith and encouragement shown by the parents and finally the teachers and students whom I lovingly call the mind and heart of my institution, none of this would have been possible with without you my dear children. All of you together give me the voice to proclaim – YES, WE CAN!

As we usher a new academic year, our achievements last year fill us with the hope and assurance that our roots will deepen with compassion, humility and team spirit and our branches will stretch out to greater heights of innovation and excellence in the years to come.

I wish my Gulmohur Family good health and happiness!

Au revoir!
Yours lovingly,
Gulmohur High School