The Students Council for the session 2022 – 23

Gulmohur High School acknowledged the budding young leaders and reposed trust in them. The Students Council for the session 2022 – 23 was elected and the Investiture Ceremony was organised where all the newly elected leaders of the school were handed over the badges by the Principal Ms. Priti Sinha and Vice Principal Ms. Archana Srivastava. The new Council Members also pledged to discharge their responsibilities entrusted to them. They also pledged to remain loyal to school. The entire event was organised by the Process Owners
Mr. Ekbal Singh
Ms Sangeeta Herenz
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Jha
The new School Council consists of the following students
Head Girl: Ananya Thakur
Head Boy: Aynansh Aadyant
Tagore House
Captain: Kanishka Singh
Vice Captain: Jeet Gargari
Bhagat House:
Captain: Aniket Pandey
Vice Captain: Vaibhav Karn
Tata House:
Captain: Kritika Chakraborty
Vice Captain: Vaishnavi
Raman House
Captain : Aniket Kumar Dey
Vice Captain: Shivangi Tiwary
Discipline Incharge
Riya sen
Ethics Incharge
Manisha Das
Sports Incharge
Sarthak Tiwary
Cultural Incharge
Riya Mishra
Safety Incharge
Editorial Incharge
Shreyansh Das
The school congratulates her caring, competent and responsible young leaders.: