Code of Conduct for Parents

  1. All the parents must abide by the school rules and regulations stated in the school diary.
  2. All parents are expected to be polite when they interact with the teachers, staff, students and administrators.
  3. All parents must be formally dressed when they come to school. Parents cannot enter the school premises in casual or informal attire.
  4. All the parents must attend the Parent Teacher Meetings on time for the benefit of their wards.
  5. All the parents must wear helmets when driving to school in two wheelers and wear the seat belts when driving to school in four wheelers and ensure the same with their
  6. All parents should act as positive role models and recognize and respect personal choices and identities.
  7. All parents should speak positively about the school and its staff.
  8. All parents should take responsibility for their child arriving and departing from school safely on time every day.
  9. All parents should read and encourage their child to understand and follow the Student Code of Conduct.
  10. All parents should work together with staff and teachers to resolve issues or concerns pertaining to school.