Student Code of Conduct

Social Media Usage Guidelines

  1. Any child below the age of 13 should not have an account on any social media platform.
  2. The school’s name, logo, photos of students in school uniform, photos of teachers and staff or any other tangible or intangible property of the school cannot be used by anyone without the school authority’s permission.
  3. Any group formed on social media or participation of students in such groups without the consent of the school will be considered as a punishable offense.
  4. Action shall be taken against anyone who posts any abusive/insinuating/hurtful comment or photo against any stakeholder of the school on social media, school app or any other platform.
  5. The school expects your good judgment in all situations. Behave online/ offline in a way that will make you and others proud and reflect well on the school.


  • shall be polite.
  • shall speak in English.
  • shall help one another.
  • shall respect the staff and teachers.
  • shall come neatly dressed to school.
  • shall wish teachers, parents and guests.
  • shall keep the class room clean.
  • shall conserve water.
  • shall save electricity and see that lights and fans are switched off when they are not required.
  • shall complete the H.W. and C.W. in time.
  • shall write in the notebooks, prospectus neatly and keep them in good condition.
  • shall speak well of school, other students, faculty and staff.
  • shall keep in mind the school motto and sincerely strive to live up to values of the school.
  • shall maintain silence in class and not disturb the teacher or other students when teacher is teaching.
  • shall make effort to go an extra mile to excel.
  • shall follow the instructions of the teachers and school authorities.
  • shall be proud of Gulmohur High School.


  • shall argue with the teacher or staff.
  • shall go out of the class without the teacher’s permission.
  • shall use abusive language.
  • shall steal things.
  • shall hit anyone.
  • shall point fingers at others.
  • shall damage school property.
  • shall tease / bully other students in any form.
  • shall use unfair means during assessments.
  • shall bring mobile phones to school.
  • shall drive a motor bike to commute to school.
  • shall use any cosmetics, jewelry (except ear studs for girls), nail polish, henna or colourful hair accessories.